Respected Credentials
High Standards
Certified, licensed, professional
25+ years of experience
Passion for the profession
A philosophy of empowerment

“Don’t just do it…..Do it right!”
PHYSIO-X is a unique health and fitness company. Our mission is to educate, empassion and empower you to take control of your health and wellness by using exercise and dietary behavior changes. We design and implement fitness programs that allow you to achieve results in the smartest, safest and fastest way possible. Our guiding principle is to ‘first do no harm’.

“ A good exercise performed incorrectly with bad technique,

ceases to be a ‘good’ exercise. A safe program can quickly

become a dangerous one when standards are compromised.”

-- Jay Scully PTA, CSCS, RCEP

When designing and implementing your program, we ensure that it is appropriate for you as an individual and that the program is implemented with precision and discipline. We believe that it’s not good enough to “Just Do it”. How you go about doing anything in life matters a great deal. The technique matters. The quality matters. So our philosophy is “Don’t just do it…..Do it right!”

We promote self-responsibility, lifestyle behavior change, preventive health and a mindset that exercise should be a mandatory part of your life. When you accept these principles, you’ll be empowered to take control of your health and make caring for your health a team effort, with you as the leader. You’ll become a part of the solution to the healthcare crisis, not a victim. It begins with you making a choice, and if you do it, you’re life will never be the same again. PHYSIO-X wants to be a part of your team……Let’s go.

“Ask not what the healthcare system can do for YOU. Ask what YOU can do for the healthcare system

- Jay Scully PTA, RCEP, CSCS
Speaking on the importance of self-responsibility

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